Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Ol'Bandur

The Villagers then took them and kept them in a carriage. The chief then lead the carriage towards where the sun was setting.

Jey," Hey, can you just let us go? We din't even do anything!"

Chief," We will decide about that once we reach Ol'Bandur."

Larry," You have no right keeping us here like this!"

Chief," Well then, I guess i should just let the villagers burn you all Alive!"

Kevin," EH you guys, can shut up ah? The more you talk, the worse things are gonna get."

And so the chief leaded the villagers through mountains and thick forests and finally reached the Ol'Bandur.

Ol'Bandur was now some magical place filled with strange hats and cloaks and what Jey thought it would be. In was a scary place, Empty, the road filled with cracks, buildings covered with thick black vines and giant spiders were everywhere.


Jey," OH MY GOSH!!"

Chief," Those are called the Crypt Fiend, They make sure the DEAD stays dead and never leaves this place."

Mel," Luke, I think that Spider is looking at me."

Luke," Better be careful."

The chief then took them to a tall black tower. "Take the prisoners up the tower!" Shouted the chief. The villagers then took them up the tower until they reached a giant gate. It was It was 3 stories high and wide enough to fit 4 cars, it was black with golden carving around it. On the gate there there were also symbols that of which the guys did not know of. And In front of the gate stood 2 guards in white Armour and a helberg in their hands.

Guard," Who Goes there?!"

Chief," I am MeChael, Chief of the land of Yewra. I have brought alongside me 7 prisoners."

Guard 2," Of what reasons do you bring prisoners to this holy tower?"

Chief," My villagers saw them coming out of a cloud as red as blood. They believe these are demons and witches, and so i have brought them here for trial under the hands of the Paladins."

Guard," Fine, MeChael you may take them up."

The guards then struck the gate with their Helberg and opened the gate. The chief then took them up the tower to where the paladins would gather. Once they reached a boor, the chief quickly opened in and took them in. There sat 12 paladins in golden armor around a table made of marble.

Paladin," Who are you?!"

Chief," My humble apology my Lord. My name is Mechael from the lands of Yewra. My villagers stumble upon these 7 whom they say came from a cloud as red as blood. My villagers fear they may be witches and demons."

One of the paladins walked towards them, took out his sword and pointed at Kevin's neck.

Paladin 2," These are no demons, nor are they witches. If they were, my sword would shine and ancient markings would appear."

Suddenly, Markings started to appear on the sword.

Chief," DEMONS!"

And as soon as the markings were complete, the sword turned to stone and broke. The other paladins took out their weapon and were ready to fight.

Paladin 2," No wait. They are not demons. Those markings were different! and my sword did not shine."

Paladin 3," I have never seen a weapon of the paladins being broken ever. This could be a sign."

Paladin 4," True... swords of the paladins were made to never be broken. We should take them to the bishops"

Paladins," The bishops? ... ..." they whispered among themselves.

Paladin," You may return old man. We the paladins will take him to the bishops."

The paladins then bind the prisoner's hands with chain marked with symbols. The paladins then took them up the tower to where the bishops made their prayers. And as they entered the hall, the bishops greeted them with pure kindness.

Bishop," I am Bishop Lucas. how can I help you paladins?"

Paladin," Bishop, We have there 7 Men from the land of Yewra. And the chief told me that they came out of a cloud as red as blood. Thinking they were demons the chief brought them to me but when i raised my sword towards them, strange ancient symbols appeared and my sword turned into stone and broke."

Bishop Lucas," Hmmm. This if the 1st time i have heard of such thing. But I am sure that they are not demons, for if they were, they would have died stepping onto this divine ground. Come, Bishop Sezora has just finished his prayers.

Bishop Lucas took them to where Bishop Sezora was. Bishop Sezora was very old and he had a stitched mark on the right side of his face whice passes through his eye. Using a staff made of pure gold, he stood up.

Larry," Dude, what do you think is going on?"

Kevin * whispered* "Shh... dont say anything."

Bishop Sezora," Hohoho, I know why you are here... Paladins... bring me those kids.. hohoho."

As the Bishop turned around to look at the kids, he dropped the glass of water on his left hand and he dropped the golden staff. "T- Th -The se- s- sev-en - g..." said the bishop chokingly as he points behind the kids.

And behind the 7 kids stood 7 shadows covered with hooded cloak and each holding a scythe.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Undefined

Martin," Jey! can you bring me a cup of Coka-cola?"

Jey," Owh, OK."

Jey went to the Kitchen and poured a cup of Coka-Cola for Martin. On the way back to the room where Martin was, he look the calender and saw the date (15.02.2010). He then went to the dinning table to see what Martin's mom was doing before going back to the room to give Martin the Cola. Kevin, Martin's brother was also in the room using his laptop to show his friend, Luke, some funny thing he found on the internet.

Jey and Luke were staying in Martin's house after the huge BBQ party they had the day before.

"You boy want me to make anything for you to eat? Jey! you want anything or not? Milo? Coffee? maggie? Don't be shy.." Said Martin's mom as she walked towards the room with her cup of her morning coffee on her right hand.

Jey," No la aunty, I'm not hungry now. its ok."

Kevin," Just make for him la! Always also shy."

Jey," Eh you Shat-dap la."

Kevin," What Shut up! huh! What you doing here in my house huh?"

Jey," I knew he was going to say that!"

Just as Martin's mom was going to the hall, Amanda, Martin's sister started turning on the volume for the song of her favorite Korean singer.

Kevin," Mi, Close the door! So early and that idiot is playing the song out loud."

Luke," Eh jo. Come lets play Dota, Long time adi never touch that game. Come la."

Kevin," Wait la! I'm deleting some stuff."

RING~ RING~ Jey's phone started ringing....

Jey~" Hello? "

Mel~" Hi!"

Jey~" Why you call?"

Mel~" Why I cannot call ah?"

Jey~" What the hell, I'm just asking! i'm not even being sarcastic like at all!"

Mel~" Why you Shouting for?"

Jey~" What the hell!! I'm not even shouting!!"

Mel~" What ever la!"

Jey~" Eh can you just tell me why the hell you call me ah?"

Mel~" I and Cherrie coming over.. Larry oso, very bored la.. we coming around 2pm ok?"

Jey~" Why you telling me?? This is not my house also.. Call Martin and tell la!"

Mel~" Aiyah, you just help me tell la yo!"

Martin," Who is that?"

Jey," Mel, She said she coming over later."

Luke," What time??"

Jey," 2pm i think. cherrie oso.. oh Luke, your best friend also coming, Larry. Haha?"

Luke," Want me to slap you ah?"

Jey," Hahaha"

The guys then continued playing their game throughout the day.


"Martin! you friends here adi!" Shouted Martin's mom as she saw someone opening the gate.

Martin," Huh? what?"

" Your friend Larry is here" She shouted again as she went and sat back on the chair and watch TV."

"Hi Aunty, Luke and Kevin here ah?" Said, Larry as he took off his shoe and entered the house."

"Hi, How are you? how's your mom?" Martin's mom asked.

" They are good. Everything is good." replied Larry

"Hi aunty!" said the two girls as they entered the house.

Larry and the two girls then went to the room where Martin and the rest were. Larry was the 1st to enter the room and immediately he went to see what Luke was doing. The Moment Cherrie and Mel enter the room, Cherrie SCREAMED " HEY PEOPEL! IM HERE!!~~~"

Martin," Oi Oi!! Relax!! Jey!! STUN HIM!! FASTER!!! STUN STUN STUN!!!"

Jey," WHICH ONE WHICH ONE!!?!?!?!!"


Jey," KK!! STUN ADI!!"

Martin," COME ON COME ON!!! AND YES!!!!! nice one jey!"

Jey," OH MY GOSH!! My heart pumping like hell!! That was freaking nice!!"

Mel," Cherrie, they ignoring you.."

The room got noisier and filled with lots of Laughters.


Martin's Mom was playing with the dog outside when she realize a thick black cloud was suddenly covering the sky. She quickly tied the dog near the gate and went in the house.

"AMANDA!~ GO TAKE IN THE CLOTHES! Kevin, Heavy thunder storm coming, i offing the Modem!"

Kevin," Wait wait!, I'm doing something now. I'll off it later."

Martin," I think we should off it la, later modem spoil then even worse.

Kevin," wait la, wait.. very fast one."

As they continued playing, The black clouds started showering rain over the place. The rain got thicker and thicker and the wind got stronger. Whistling sound could be heard everywhere as the strong winds blew against the window.

Mel was carrying a cup of Coka-cola as she was entering the room, But her leg got hooked onto a wire and fell. Her cup of Coka-Cola was poured all over Martin's Desktop And at that exact moment, a large bolt of lightning struck the house.

Martin," What the hell!!"

Car alarm were going wild everywhere, Martin's Desktop started shooting out sparks and making weird noises. A Weird smoke started coming out of the Monitor and the Sparks got bigger.

" Martin, What is happening!? what is that noise?? Did you lock the door?" shouted Martin's mom in panic.

Jey," I cant open the door!"

Kevin," My door got no lock! Pull harder and see."

Cherrie," Cough cough.. The smoke freaking smelly!"


The smoke quickly spread into the whole room and then just disappeared. Martin's mom finally got the door open.

" Kevin! Kevin? Martin?" His mom called out in shock when she saw no one in the room. It was like they just disappeared.

(somewhere in a plain field)

Jey," Cough cough* what the hell is this smoke?"

Suddenly the smoke around them disappeared.

Luke," What the hell."

They then only realize they were in a plain field. Confuse and not knowing what to do, they just stood there and stare at the place. Martin quickly went and pinch Jey.

Jey," AOW!!!! what the hell you do that for!?!"

Martin," Ok, so i'm not dreaming."

Suddenly out from a far they saw people running towards them. After a while, they realize those people were holding torches and scythes and before they could run away, they were already surrounded.

Larry," Hey hey hey.. chill chill. relax."

man," They are Demons and witches. I saw them coming out of those blood clouds. They are foul creatures!! I Say we Burn the witches and hang the demons!"

People," HEAY!!!! Burn THE WITCH!! HANG THE DEMONS!!!!!"

Man on a horse," STOP!!!"

The people kept silence and looked at the man.

" Lets capture them as prisoners and wait for the Paladins to give the order" He said as got down from his horse.

Man 2," But Chief, If we keep them, they will burn our town apart!"

Women," Yes, They truly are Foul creatures! Do you not hear the awkward ways of how they speak!?"

" Silence WOMEN! What i said is no suggestion it is an ORDER! Take them To the Ol'Bandur. There even the magic of a demon will not work. NOW MOVE!" SHOUTED THE MAN.

Martin," Wait wait wait wait!!! NO no no!! "

Jey," Stop pushing ME!!"